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Have these 13 Indian mobile manufacturers stopped?

We have now come to an era where we are getting signs of living with Corona, in fact, in the last few months, the world has suffered so much financially that we are seeing that in all the way like India now The lockdown is being removed from other countries as well, it seems that till now there is no strong treatment of this disease i.e. Coronavirus Kovid-19, then we should be careful with it and live with it. Will have to learn. Seeing Unlock-1 in the country, there are some similar signs.

Apart from this, ever since people came to know that the relationship of Coronavirus to China, Indian people have started a war against China, and have started an initiative to bycot all the mobile phone manufacturers, Today, from the Internet, even in life, we are seeing that there is anger among the Indian people about Chinese smartphones or any kind of China related goods. On our Facebook page, we are getting this kind of process to stop promoting Chinese goods or products, but we tell you that we are not promoting any Chinese goods in any way, but only you Giving information about new devices etc., as we have been doing even before lockdown. Actually, this anger is about the Chinese goods or products, it is about the coronaviruses, in addition to that which has intruded far ahead in our country.

However, today we are not going to discuss any Chinese smartphone company or its products, like smartphones etc. in this article at all. Today we are going to talk about 13 Indian mobile companies who have lost their existence somewhere, it can be said that some of them are still in the market and are giving a tough competition to Chinese companies. . Today we are going to tell about these 13 Indian mobile companies. There are many of these companies that can move towards their golden future at this time, but many are still very weak in the field of smartphones.

These companies were calling you in 3 ways

  • A complete white label product from Chinese companies, ie pick up the phone and deliver it to you by giving it your brand.
  • To take the complete design of a phone and get it done a little less according to your own, then assemble it in the Chinese assembly plant and give it to you, and all this work was done under the name of the Indian company.
  • Get a phone designed by R&D, and then get parts made according to your needs, and assemble it to you.

Let me tell you here that all these… work of one to two companies was being done in China, even their R&D department was also in China. But the assembly plant was in India, so it was labeled on them that they only do the assembly, although some company did not do it, some company bought goods from China or roe material and assembled it in India and provided you with a mobile Was done, today we will know what happened to these 13 Indian mobile phone companies and how are they in the condition today, so let’s start and know about this in detail…

Which are these 13 Indian mobile companies

Creo is the first company

Indian mobile phone company Creo is now closed, if we go to the company’s website i.e. creosense.com, then it is not going to be seen here because it has been closed, and its mobile phone is not available in the market Huh. That is, it can be said clearly that now this company has pulled its hands back from this market i.e. the smartphone market. Actually Creo is the same hardware startup company that Indian messaging aap Hike messenger bought.

The other company is Yu Phones

Yu phones, which are owned by Yu Televenture, are called Micromax, which can be called a sister company of Micromax, you will find their phones on amazon, but they are also lost in the crowd. Their website www.yuplaygod.com is also no longer running, and they have not posted anything on their Facebook page and also since July 2019.

The third company is Videocon

Videocon has also made its foray into the mobile sector, it is also known in India as a well-known company, it has also ventured into the mobile phone sector, you can see some of its mobile phones on Amazon, their smartphones. You will find it offline and online in the market. But its also a separate website for mobile phones videoconmobiles.com is no longer running.

The fourth company is Celkon Mobiles

Although this company is still selling its phones, Celkon Mobiles is still in the field of smartphones, its mobile phones will also be available in both offline and online market. But their website is also closed, if you go to celkonmobiles.com then you are going to get this closure.

The fifth company is Spice Mobile

Spice Mobile’s website is also not running, and its 2 feature phones are visible online on Flipkart, apart from this, none of its other phones are going to be seen anywhere. If we talk about its list of mobile phones on Amazon India, then you can see only one mobile phone here, it also has only one device left, that is, it is also slowly being lost, or has been.

The sixth company is Onida

Onida is a large Indian electronic appliances manufacturing company, they also ventured into the mobile phone sector, their website is running but there is no mention of mobile phones in it. However, it has one phone available on Amazon, and none on Flipkart.

Iball is the seventh company

It has nothing to do with Apple. Even on its website, only Tabs means tablets have been given, so because of the tablets, I would say that iball has not completely disappeared from the world of smartphones.

The eighth company is Intex

The website of intex is running, but in the name of the phones, only feature phones appear on the website. On Amazon, you will also see smartphones in addition to its feature phone. But this too does not seem to be as active in the smartphone sector.

The ninth company is Karbonn Mobile

Karbonn’s website is running, it seems active on social media as well, it is seen promoting its feature phone on both Twitter and Facebook. Their smartphones and feature phones are easily available both offline and online.

Xolo is the tenth company

Xolo’s website is running, and you will find their phones online both offline, they have not been missing from their Twitter and Facebook for 1 year, but this is the company that had made a good mark at one time.

Lava is the eleventh company

Lava mainly manufactures feature phones, though it is also active in the field of smartphones, tablets and laptops, Lava’s specialty is that it makes smartphones for other companies as well, and that is probably the reason That this company is still surviving.

Micromax is an outside company

Micromax, whose brand ambassador is Akshay Kumar, has invested more money in promoting the product, although its smartphones are also the best, but then it has started gaining its hold in Chinese companies in India. Very quickly, it made a deep penetration in the Indian market by giving a low price smartphone with a different technology, now Micromax smartphones are still today, but Micromax is no longer in the market.

The thirteenth company is Jio Lyf

Jio Lyf is a big brand, you will get the information of all their phones on their website, you will find these phones online both offline, the conditions going on in the smartphone industry right now, Jio can take advantage of them in the coming times.

In fact, while other companies were focusing more on promotion, Chinese companies spent on R&D, and introduced such products in the market that those products promoted themselves, Motorized Camera, Rotating Camera, Flip Camera, Chinese The extent of R&D is that you get very different, innovative products in the Chinese market, today we need to focus on R&D, government policies that can make the country a Manufecturing hub, and for this recently The efforts have also started.

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